MHG | DaniMer Wax Replacement Polymers

DaniMer has introduced a new wax replacement based on our Seluma condensation technology. These polymers are excellent for preventing water penetration into fibers, noted by their superior Cobb testing values (0). Designed as a direct replacement for wax based products, these polymers operate in roll coater, or curtain coating operations. These products allow millions of pounds of fibers to be recycled, as the coating breaks down under de-inking in hydro-repulping conditions. Special blends of these polymers allow customers to increase stiffness of boards while holding coat weights similar to petrochemical blends. Customers will readily appreciate the excellent adhesion to substrates, and the ability of Danimer’s Bio-Resin case and carton adhesives to virtually eliminate carton waste from adhesives’ failure to burn through traditional wax coating products.

DaniMer Wax Replacement Characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion to substrates
  • Suitable for paper, paperboard and fabric applications
  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Process conditions enable full optimization of equipment
  • Suitable for hot and cold serve applications
  • ASTM certifiable as compostable
  • Outstanding grease and liquid barrier
  • Repulpable for the waste paper recovery supply chain

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