MHG | DaniMer PLA Extrusion Coating's PLA Bioplastic Extrusion Coating is FDA approved for safe use on paper cups.

DaniMer has introduced the world’s first commercially successful extrusion coating resin that utilizes PLA as the primary material for coating paper, paperboard and fabric. To establish this leadership position, DaniMer has demonstrated that the extrusion coating resin will perform on existing production equipment at production speeds comparable to traditional polyolefins while offering energy savings due to much lower processing temperatures. DaniMer extrusion coating resins provide excellent adhesion and a great print surface and can be applied to a broad range of substrates with a wide choice of coat weights. This coating material is suitable for food contact applications including both hot and cold applications. DaniMer extrusion coating resins also provide good flavor preservation and odor barrier characteristics.

DaniMer 26806 Extrusion Coating Resin Characteristics

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Suitable for paper, paperboard and fabric applications
  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Process conditions enable full optimization of equipment
  • Suitable for hot and cold serve applications
  • ASTM certified as compostable
  • Outstanding grease and liquid barrier
  • Repulpable for the waste paper recovery supply chain

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