• Danimer Scientific develops biodegradable raw material for a wide range of plastic products.

    DaniMer Scientific focuses on the use of sustainably produced, renewable resources to improve people’s lives. We reduced dependence on petroleum so you can benefit from environmentally friendly products.

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  • Danimer Scientific pioneers development of bioplastics from canola oil to make materials like hot melt adhesives.

    DaniMer has introduced a new line of hot melt adhesives made from renewable resources.

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  • MHG Showcases Meredian & Danimer Bioplastics at the 2014 China International Fair for Investment and Trade, sponsored by the Invest in the USA (IIUSA) Association.

    MHG Showcases Meredian & Danimer Bioplastics at the 2014 China International Fair for Investment and Trade, sponsored by the Invest in the USA (IIUSA) Association.

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MHG | DaniMer Scientific Offers Global Leadership in Biopolymer Research and Development

DaniMer Scientific, part of the Meredian Holdings Group of Bioplastics companies (MHG), was formed in 2004 to bring innovative, eco-friendly plastic solutions to the world by developing biopolymer feedstock for traditional plastic applications.

With the addition of Meredian PHA plastics to the MHG portfolio in 2007, MHG | DaniMer offers a comprehensive line of PHA and PLA biopolymers that support the company’s core values of manufacturing sustainably produced, renewable plastics to improve people’s lives, while also protecting and restoring the environment.

The MHG | DaniMer product line offers compostable and biodegradable plastics for a wide range of uses, such as:

  • Additives
  • Extrusion Coatings
  • Extrusion Lamination
  • Film Resins
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Wax Replacement Polymers

    Featured Products:

    MHG Biopolymer Film Resins are Certified by Vinçotte and SSCCP as Aerobically and Anaerobically Compostable

    MHG | DaniMer’s ReNew Flexible Film Resins can be used to manufacture disposable shopping bags, compostable bags, odor barrier packaging products, agricultural mulch film, and many other plastic products.

    Vincotte International Has Certified MHG Biopolymers as CompostableMHG’s film resins have been officially certified as aerobically compostable at home by Vinçotte International, a renowned inspection facility headquartered in Vilvoorde, Belgium. The OK biodegradable home compost label guarantees that the product will completely decay even in the cooler temperatures of a garden compost heap. Learn more…

    MHG Biopolymer Film Resins Have Been Certified Compostable by SSCCP.MHG’s film resins have also received Anaerobic Digestion certification from SSCCP, the Italian Pulp and Paper Research Institute located in Milano. MHG’s film resins will biodegrade in the absence of oxygen (Anaerobic degradation), a very complex and intricate three stage process involving a variety of microorganisms. Anaerobic degradation is widely used as a process to generate renewable energy and as a method for reducing the emission of landfill gas into the atmosphere. Learn more…

    MHG Biopolymer Hot Melt Adhesives Meet ASTM 6400 Standards for Aerobic Biodegradation

    MHG | DaniMer’s Hot Melt Adhesives – made from renewable, plant based resources – are ASTM 6400 compostable, which makes the biodegradable glue suitable for hydro-repulping operations.

    Designed for customers seeking assistance in providing a clean PET flake during the paper recycling process, MHG’s hot melt adhesives biodegrade rapidly, and eliminate “stickies” and clumps of glue left by non-compostable pressure sensitive adhesives. Additional applications for this product include diapers, feminine products and lamination of non-woven products.

    RPSEA Funds MHG | DaniMer Project

    In 2010, DaniMer Scientific received a grant of $846,828 from the organization, “Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America” (RPSEA) to develop a novel fracturing treatment for the stimulation of hydrocarbon production. Find Progress Reports on this 12-month project and other information as it becomes available. Learn more…

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